In order to test our technology and algorithms in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, we needed to make sure that they were housed in a weather-proof enclosure that still allowed ultrasonic sound to pass through and be captured by the microphone. We designed a custom IP-rated enclosure and built 15 of them in the workshop. Here are the different processes we followed.

First, we needed to develop a resin insert into the top of the box lid, so that there would be enough room for the microphone to fit inside. We used a 3D printer to print the shape of the insert.

We then used the 3D print to create a silicon mould from which we could cast multiple inserts in a tough resin that would be weather and water resistant.

We cast 15 of these shapes, one for the top of each box.

Next we wanted to secure all the components inside the box to ensure that they didn’t rattle around or get damaged.

To do this we designed a back-plate that all the components could be attached to and then the back-plate could be attached as one piece into the box using existing screw mounts.

We also designed and developed a simple microphone mount lasercut from plywood and started to assemble all 15 boxes.

Then we attached a water-resistant microphone windshield to the front of the resin insert on each box and as a finishing touch we added custom designed vinyl decoration so that people could understand what the box was. And voila!


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